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I spend most of my life escaping into fictional worlds... through books, TV, or movies. When you're a journalist, sometimes it's best to avoid the real world.

I have the attention span of a 3-year-old in Toys-R-Us. I either care about things too passionately or I don't give a sh*t at all.

If you came to my blog for a specific fandom, I suggest you slowly back away and run as fast as you can. I belong to so many fandoms, I can't even keep track of them all myself anymore. Every day can bring about another fandom.

Misha Collins is my hero-slash-spirit animal. If you don't love him, you're just wrong. Please re-evaluate your life.

I reserve the right to obsess over whatever I so choose, all while bashing all things 'Twilight,' 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' and my 'great' state of Oklahoma.

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Just in the gishwhes chat room casually talking about boob socks.

one of the finest moments of today’s chat room activities

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My Gishwhes tips

 Here is some advice I put together for what you can do to prepare for Gishwhes right now.

Last year was my first year participating in Gishwhes, and I thought I’d share a little advice on how to prepare. This is stuff you can do right now. I plan to post another list of what you can do right before and during the hunt in the next couple days. Disclaimer: I’m in no way an expert, so don’t think I am.

Last year I had no clue what I was getting myself into, so I panicked several times. Not to scare anyone, but even with advice, you’ll probably panic. Everyone panics, but I’d like to help relieve any possible anxiety/stress I can. First of all, realize that no matter how prepared you think you are, you are not prepared. Even those of us who have done Gishwhes before have no clue what to really expect. No one understands Misha’s brain and how it works…

1. If you haven’t read everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) on the Gishwhes website, go do that as soon as possible. If you’ve already read it, read it again. Anyone who’s participated in the past needs to read it too because some stuff has changed, most notably the length of videos. We have to be certain to follow all the commandments on every item. In the past, teams missed winning the hunt all together because of some violations of the commandments.

2. Look at the lists of past year’s items:
* 2011:
* 2012:
* 2013:

3. After viewing past items, start compiling a list of possible resources. Write down anyone and anything you think may come in handy. Once the hunt starts, you may forget that your second cousin has a mountain goat.

4. Research public services in your city, or at least get familiar with your city’s government website or phone system so you know where to go for information if you need to. Write down anything that comes up. For example, my city now has a service where you can rent a bicycle for an hour at a time. Since I don’t own a bicycle, that may be handy information.

5. Look up local charities, hospitals, schools, churches, etc. Write down anything that may be a good place to do random acts of kindness.

6. Look up local events calendars for activities going on during the week of Gishwhes… like if you need a large group of children, knowing that a church camp is going on that week will be super useful.

7. Contact your family members and friends right away and explain what and when Gishwhes is and tell them you may need their help. Ask them to give you information on what things they own that may be of use… costumes, sporting equipment, tents, camping equipment, wheelchairs, animals, whatever. If you know anyone who is a police officer, firefighter, politician, or any other public figure, be sure to get on their good side ASAP.

8. Know where you can buy kale in your city. Some communities have lots of stores that sell it, while others may have one store or even no stores. If you can’t find any, don’t worry because someone else on the team can find lots of it.

9. Last year I found it very helpful to have a “calling card” to hand people after asking them in person for help. I’ve created a card — it has four cards per normal 8.5x11 paper — that gives a brief description of Gishwhes and Random Acts with their websites. It’s up on OneDrive if anyone wants to print it and use it. If you’d rather, you can create your own. I’d either print it on cardstock or laminate copier paper if you don’t use cardstock (Tip: if you want a cheap way to “laminate” them, just use clear tape). Last year I think I gave out almost 20 of these cards.

Go here for a PDF my card:!3979&authkey=!AA4RtO9dpwitqoo&ithint=file%2c.pdf

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Just looked at last year’s GISHWHES list and I’d say we’re more than a little bit screwed.

Everyone thinks that they’re screwed at first. Everyone panics. When this year’s list gets posted, sit down and go item by item and brainstorm about what you can do. Some things you really won’t be able to do, but you’ll be able to do some stuff. If you think creatively, you can do anything! Good luck!

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One more spot open for gishwhes….?

My team has one spot left open for gishwhes.

Is anyone still needing a team?

We’re mostly in the mid-20s and 30s age range. We have people scattered throughout the U.S., some in the Netherlands and one in Sweden. Some are doing it for the second year, and the rest are newbies. 

We’d like to win, but we’re mostly in it for fun. 

If interested, please send me a message!

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I went looking through gishwhes related things to try to appease my nervousness but now I just feel anxious and the need to vomit. This will go away, right?

It will get better, but it will probably never fully go away